Commonly known as the “Bridge of Albarra”. This is a bridge of medieval origin (the Muslim period) which possibly substituted a more rudimentary and simple one built during the Roman period.

According to archaeological studies, there is a Roman road which connected the city of Lacipo with the mines of Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja, whose aim was to transport minerals from these mines to the Roman city, where it joined with another route that leads to the quay.

It seems that the path passed exactly where, today, the Bridge of La Albarra is found (built after the current location of the urban centre), where something more rudimentary would have existed though it has not been preserved to this day and would have served, much like the current one, to overcome the course of the Albarra stream. We know that until recently a very important stretch of this path was still here (in 1983, it was considered to be the best preserved stretch of Roman paths in the province of Malaga), though, unfortunately, it has not survived to the present day.