Participatory budget

The Participatory Budget is a democratic tool for the participation and the administration of the village, through which the residents can propose and decide the destiny of some of the municipal resources. This initiative began in the year 2016 with the aim of providing better transparency and efficiency in public administration.

The town council has earmarked an amount of €350,000 so that the residents may decide how to spend it. For this purpose, assemblies are organised in the three centres of the municipality in which the residents can propose their initiatives and prepare their proposals. After these most recent assemblies, the resident proposals are the following:

After the voting period, the chosen projects will be to remove the wires of the façades of the urban area in Casares Pueblo, the completion of a path between Camarate and Buenas Noches in Casares Costa and the construction of a multi-use centre in Secadero. On the other hand, the most popular employment proposal was the implementation of specialised courses in hospitality, crafts and maintenance of garden centres.

Línea Verde

How does the app work:

The first thing the user must do is go to the PlayStore or App Store related to the technology their mobile device uses (Android / iOS). Select the Línea Verde app and download it for free. From then on, the user only needs to choose the municipality and they can begin to use the Línea Verde service. The process is very quick and easy.

To report an incident, all that needs to be done is choose the type of incident, which is alphabetically ordered in Spanish as the following: abandoned animals, rubbish, pigeon control, cleaning, others, parks and gardens, insect and rodent plagues, beaches, collection of furniture and belongings, public ways and vandalism. In the case of our municipality, the urban centre of the municipality where the incident occurs must be specified, as, for the best practice, the Town Council has named a delegate in each of the areas who will deal with the incident.

The app is able to automatically detect the exact coordinates of the incident’s location through geolocation. Even so, the user can also do so manually if they decide to send the warning at a later point from a different place. It is possible to include a descriptive message and/or a photograph of the incident being reported. Once the message has been sent, the person responsible will receive a notification, they will answer and from that moment, the process for the solution of the reported incident will begin. Once resolved, the citizen will receive a notification on their mobile.


By using Línea Verde, the citizen can also make an environmental inquiry by selecting the option “Haz tu consulta”. Within 24 hours, at most, they will have a response from a member of the team of experts on the subject of the inquiry made.

Ágora Infantil

Ágora Infantil is a pilot project in the local Andalusian area, organised by the Consortium Local-Global association and supported by the University of Malaga and the University of Huelva. It is a tool that allows for the participation of young people in the construction, use and management of public places to reinforce the role that boys and girls have in our society.