Foto del Alcalde para Saludo

As Mayor-President of the Town Council of Casares, it is with utmost pride that I present this website.

I hope that will be a useful tool for all the people who visit it, a place where you can find what you are looking for.

This website shows our municipality and the urban areas that compose it: Casares, la Costa and El Secadero, its natural areas, its history, its culture and its festivals. It is a platform where men and women from Casares can come together to invite outsiders to visit us, to discover every corner of this village of friendly people which is the birthplace of the distinguished Blas Infante, the father of the Andalusian nationalist movement.

In addition to helping others discover our municipality, this website also intends to be a place where we can redirect others to interesting links and to the social networks of the area so that it is possible for the residents to state their opinions and participate in local policy. It is also where to access our electronic network and the profile of that user, both extremely useful tools which can be used to consult all kinds of information and complete virtually any procedure with the Town Council.

I will make the most of the opportunity this space provides me with to make myself available to all the inhabitants of the municipality for whatever they may need. Their proposals and suggestions will always be welcomed on my part and on the part of the government team.

For those who are yet to discover Casares, we invite you to visit us. The information that you will find on this website can be extended in relation to your needs in our tourist information office and museums, where you will be attended to appropriately.On behalf of the Municipal Corporation, all the people who work in the Town Council and myself, we welcome you to this virtual version of Casares and we await your visit.