The Town Council of Casares sets aside 0.7% of the annual budget to initiatives for cooperation that help to breach social inequalities by holding the Premios Blas Infante Casares Solidario (Blas Infante Casares Solidary Awards), a solidary initiative which intends to pay homage to its most distinguished resident, the Casares native Blas Infante, and to his thoughts, which were the basis of the Andalusian Ideal.

This contest is composed of three awards known as: Casares for Andalusia, Casares for Spain and Casares for Humanity (referencing the sentence of the famous Casares native: “Andalusia by itself, for Spain and Humanity”), which are awarded to three Non-Government Organisation projects, the first two to projects for Education for Development, and the last for Cooperation for Development; with the jury being the one to determine the amount of each one according to the budget of the initiative and the number of people who benefit from it.